Supplemental Enrichment


We currently offer Boys Basketball and Girls Volleyball for grades 6th-12th.  We look forward to adding other competitive sports soon.  In addition to these two sports, our students have an opportunity to compete regionally in many other athletic events such as track & field, tennis, physical fitness, archery, table tennis, and more.  We also offer P.E. Tuesdays and Thursdays 
Student Conventions

Another unique aspect of LCA is our yearly participation in Regional and International Student Conventions.  Through participating in these Conventions our student have the opportunity to develop their God-given gifts and talents as they can compete in a variety of events such as academics, arts, platform, sports, and more.  In addition to the opportunity to compete with other students from around their region and the world, students will also hear Christ-centered messages from world-class speakers.  Student Conventions provide students with a unique experience that produces a life long impact.  


Community Service

We encourage our students to serve their community by helping others.  Every year our students have the opportunity to be involved in various service projects where they make an impact beyond the classroom.  

Enrichment Courses

One distinctive about our school is the many different enrichment programs we offer during the school day.  Some of the courses we offer are: archery, drones, rc cars, gung fu, dance, art, piano, voice, guitar, drama, golf, and more. New enrichment opportunities are available every year.  


Field Trips

Whether it is an educational field trip or one to just go have tons of fun together, we love to go on field trips!  Every year our students have the opportunity to take many field trips all throughout the year.  We always encourage our parents to come along with us.