Superior Academics

Academic Diagnostic Testing

Since age does not always determine academic level, we test every student in all core subjects to identify their academic strengths and weaknesses.  Without pinpointing a student’s true academic placement a child can often end up with work that (buries them) because it’s too hard or (bores them) because it’s too easy.  At LCA, each student receives a personalized academic diagnosis and is given curriculum designed specifically for them.  This ensures that each student is always learning no matter what academic level them begin at.   

No Advancement Without Learning

Our academic program is mastery-based.  This means that we do not advance a child academically unless they have mastered or actually learned the material taught. 


One On One Tutoring

We have on staff tutors available to help students who need additional, or even extensive help in Math and English.    

Individualized & Self-Paced

God has made every child uniquely different.  Not every child learns the same way or at the same pace, At LCA we provide an individualized approach to education so that each student is free to learn at their own pace.  If the student is behind academically, they get the help they need.  If the student is advanced, they can continue forward without being held back.  

Focused Learning Environment

Just because a student is in a classroom doesn’t mean they are learning.  Each of our Learning Centers are quiet, clean, and conducive to productive and focused learning.  Each student at LCA has their very own work space with comfortable chairs.  We teach every student to set daily academic goals and our staff helps, and holds them accountable to reach those goals.  


Whatever you do, do all for the glory of God  -1 Cor. 10:31