Shared Values

Christ-Centered Character

Of course we want to see our students excel academically, but we will always value Christ-centered character above academic achievements.  All children will learn, but in addition to learning, we desire to see our students glorify God, honor their parents, and love their neighbor.   

Bible-Based Curriculum

Our curriculum is completely Bible-based in its core, but also prepares students for tomorrow’s world while instructing them in timeless Biblical values that will last a lifetime.  We believe the reverence of God’s Word is the beginning of wisdom.  

Discipleship Driven
Although we are a school, we consider the opportunity we have more as discipleship than mere academic development.  School work is important but nothing is more important than a student’s soul.    
Every week our entire school gathers for Chapel.  Chapel is a time for the entire student body, staff, and even parents and grandparents to learn from God’s Word in a corporate setting.  Chapel is never boring.  This time is not only informative, but inspiring!  Chapel often full of practical and fun object lessons and illustrations.   
Devotions, Discussions, & Prayer
A student’s experience at LCA will consist of regular devotions, Bible discussions, and prayer.       
Whatever you do, do all for the glory of God  -1 Cor. 10:31