untitled (13)Our high academic curriculum provides students with academics, skill building, reading practice, character and wisdom training, and knowledge of God and His Word.  Our curriculum begins with reading development and progresses through high school, giving students a solid foundation for pursuing their life goals.  Our curriculum includes academic disciplines that focus on core educational needs: Math, English, Literature and Creative Writing, Social Studies, Science, Word Building (spelling), and Bible Reading.  Some core courses are enhanced with DVDs, videos, and computer software. LCA students are also provided a wide range of Elective Courses based on the student’s interest level and their graduation requirements.  Students who are more skilled may progress at a faster rate or may accelerate in the areas of their academic strengths.  Slower students are encouraged to do their best but are able to work at their levels of proficiency and proceed as they are capable.

Academic Excellence

Our curriculum is challenging and highly effective.  We offer an extraordinary educational approach, Biblical in its core, that prepares students for tomorrow’s world while giving them traditional moral values that will last a lifetime.  Our Accelerated Christian Education curriculum conveys Biblical values and concepts considered foundational to meaningful interpersonal relationships and productive learning in such a way as to become life-shaping influences.  At LCA we are building Godly citizens and Christian leaders of tomorrow by meeting the educational needs of today, teaching the traditional values of yesterday, and providing the technology training of tomorrow.

Character Development

Our purpose in providing Christian education goes beyond simply helping students learn the academics required to enter college or get a good job.  We desire to build within students a life-long burning passion to learn and grow spiritually.  It is one thing to want children to be successful, quite another to provide the academic and character training to ensure this accomplishment. Godly character training  is a foundational part of the LCA learning experience, and it prepares students to welcome and accept challenges and future opportunities.  Sixty character traits, such as kindness, loyalty, and honesty, are taught within the curriculum.  Students are taught to apply the Godly character they are taught in their everyday lives.