Truth About Common Core

imagesCAER23BCAll public and private schools that accept government funding are being forced to align their teaching curriculum with Common Core.  Our curriculum has, and will always exceed the low standards of any government curriculum such as Common Core.  Although many Christian schools have already aligned their curriculum with Common Core, we have no plans to part from our proven path of providing solid Christian education, nor will we use any curriculum that compromises our Christian convictions or character.

Below is a 5-part video series explaining the truth about Common Core.  In addition to this video series, please review the link provided to determine if the curriculum your child is using is aligned with Common Core.  Aligned With Common Core


Click for Part 1:

-Origins of the Common Core

-Testing Mandates

Click for Part 2:

-Education Without Representation

-Sub-Standard Standards

Click for Part 3:

-Intrusive Data Tracking

-High Price Tag

Click for Part 4:

-National Standards Do More Harm Than Good

-Future Effect of Common Core

Click for Part 5:

-Where Does All This Lead?

-Take Action!